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  • Browse easy in HVSC
  • Define favourite paths
  • See photo of musician (if available)
  • Play subtune by button
  • Read background-information of SID tune information list (STIL)
  • Multilingual: Czech, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish
  • Quick Search for filename, copyright, songlength, words inside STIL
  • Show while browsing filelist sorted by Year
  • Read documents of HVSC easy
  • Browse inside Top100 of HVSC
  • Create Play-List and edit them easy
  • Toggle between 5 playlists, to create your own Bestest Best of Best ;-)
  • Create SIDList (Mega-playlist) with all SIDs...
  • Import Playlists from sidplay (.spl), winamp (.m3u)
  • Export Playlists to sidplay (.spl, Format 2)
  • Listen Playlists random (shuffle) and repeat
  • History of listened SIDs
  • Get and put playlists online. Exchange them with your friends all the world!
  • Chat with other SIDians ;-)
  • Minimizable to Tray
  • Taskbutton scrolls information about actual playing SID
There was a computer born in 1982. He was named Commodore 64. First time called 'Personal Computer', later 'Home Computer'. Thousands of creative guys and girls were fascinated by the possibilities of his hardware. So most users played games, less of them created programs, sounds, musics, pictures. There was at the end (is there an end?) around 30000 programs. Most of them have music inside.
Since the 1990er years the 80x86 processor developmented quicker, faster, usefuller... By this way, more and more users of C-64 changed the system to 'normal' PCs. But my work at C64? It was too bad to through it all into trash and forgot the hard work like composing music. Very great Music composed at C=64 since 1982.
Also there were much guys who 'ripped' the musics out of the Games, Tools, etc. and transfered into a PC-readable format: SID. There some collections of C64-Musics, but the biggest of them is the 'High Voltage Sid Collection' (HVSC) with now more than 35000 SID-Files. Much of this files have more than one Music but the file is very small (most less than 5kB), but plays 2 or more minutes fine 3-channel-mono-sound. The collection have a size of ~230 MB. How to find good musics in 35000 files? How to read the documents of HVSC? Who are the authors of SID-Musix?
Since 15th of May 2002 there is a easy way to browse in the HVSC, to read the documents, see the authors, get more Information, create playlists, manage own sids on harddisk (without switch on the c64 and swapping floppies to listen the favourite musics).

Download SIDBrowser
windows95,98,me,2000,xp,vista,nt? 3'102'413 Byte sfx (

It is important at Windows Vista® NOT install SB at "c:\program files"
but you like have trouble...

SIDBrowser is Freeware!

Useful Links

  • High Voltage SID Collection (HVSC)
    There are 35000+ SID in more than 68MB (2*zip) or 50MB (rar).
    Need as extracted filesystem around 250MB
    use it on e.g. 512MB-USB-Flashram-drive. SIDBrowser now prepared to run at mobile Flashdrive!
  • SIDplay
    supported Player (windows) for SID-files (the player now is included at package!)
  • Actual Photolist of musicians
    From there I took the pictures for SIDBrowser

!! Services are offline, but will continue soon... !!

  • Use this best SID-Player sidplay2w
    (zip, 380'671 Bytes; "June 2 version (2005)") - if you want. It is included too.
    It is size-reduced version with upx and UPack.
  • Try an updated workversion,
    if you interesting about the future of SB.



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